Our Charitable Commitments - CJ's Mediaworkz

Inner-City Youth in disadvantaged communities

From the city to Mont BlancThe common goal of CJ's and Mountain Leap. CJ's Mediaworkz is committed to bringing about change in the lives of disadvantaged inner-city youth. One of the key aims is to build relationships with people that have a passion for this work and would like to help.


CJ's MediaWorkz is a Registered Charity [Registered Charity No. 1109504] and was founded in 1993 by the inspirational Rev. Julio Mekki who acts as the Chairman. Inner-city youth of today are more challenged about their values, identity and future than ever before. Their struggle for identity is compounded by the complexities of living in communities of diverse, language, race and ethnicity.

Statistics show that more than fifty percent of young people, in disadvantaged communities, come from single parent families, leave school with no qualifications, are involved in taking drugs and have little prospect of gainful employment. The Inner-city youth of today have built around them "walls of silence" against the voices of authority that they believe have judged and condemned them.The challenge is to open the channels of communication, change their perceptions and help them fulfil their potential.

The Alpine Inner City Programme

Through our extensive network of contacts, Mountain Leap is able to organise mountain-based activities in Summer and Winter that are designed to challenge children to look at themselves, their peers and the environment in an entirely new way. In trusting themselves and each other and committing to the exciting challenges we put in front of them, many children have life changing experiences that can dramatically change their thinking and their future on their return home.

Here are a few of the activities that can have an impressive impact on the participants:

Liberating & Downhill: Skiing, Snowboarding

Challenging & Uphill: Rock Climbing, Snowshoeing, Summit Attempts

Remote Experiences: Glacier Walking, Cross Country Trekking and Touring, Overnight Hut Trips

Mentoring: Adult mentoring programmes, Social Citizenship and Responsibility Sessions

Promoting life goals Inspiration for Change: Awareness of self and others' experiences, Workshops for team actions and projects

We are currently looking for patrons and sponsors who are willing to donate time and resources to building the programme. Please call the office for more details.