Corporate Event Proposal development

We provide beginning-to-end solutions.

Our practices and organisation are geared to maximise time and minimise hassle.

We look after you and your guests from the moment the event beginnings until everyone has returned home.

In general our proposals are developed in a modular form taking into account all the elements of each event individually. This allows for professional event planning and ensures a seamless delivery time after time.

We develope these proposals around the core elements as follows:-

Flights – Often, our customers prefer to arrange their own flights, as they may have delegates arriving from across the globe, however, you can rest assured that if we are responsible for finding your flights, we will do this in the most cost-effective way possible through recognized corporate travel agents.

  • Accommodation – We have priveleged access to an extensive range of accommodation selected from the most luxurious private chalets and exclusive hotels. Our knowledge of the resorts and accommodation providers is peerless.
  • Transfers – The first and most basic sign of a successful event is when all participants reach their destinations in a timely, hassle free manner. We generally use in house vehicles and drivers, doing whatever it takes to ensure that this happens each and every time.
  • Activities – to suit every ability and age. Incorporating mountain-based activities into our ski events ensures that the events are memorable. Our guests leave with the memory of having done something special during their ski event.
  • Suppliers and Locals - Often the key to succeeding in delivering ski weekends or other events is local knowledge, expertise and connections. (as always in life!). Since we have worked with numerous locals and suppliers over many years we can just get things done with ease.

Specifically though, once we have understood your brief, we will work with you, your event planners, marketing directors or even financial directors to produce suitable and well worked proposals to match your expectations, budget and objectives.

Whatever your requirement and budget, we will tailor the right solution for you. Depending on the nature of your event we are happy to work with you to develop the business case for allocating marketing resources to ski weekends or summer alpine events.

Since we have experience of a wide range of blue chip clients that have trusted us with their most important relationships we produce proposals that you can rely on.