Conferences and incentive travel ski trips and ski events

Conference and incentive travel is a booming business and an exciting industry. More and more leading companies and industries are realising the benefits of perfectly-managed events and conferences that excite their employees into more creative thinking and increased performance.

Companies that take this part of their busiess seriously are finding out the huge benefits that can be gained by doing so. It's not just about having a jolly or trying to impress people (although this is certainly not something we frown upon), it goes a lot further than that. The benefits of successful conference and incentive travel are perhaps best summed up by one thing: the positive impact on the relationship between employees and company.

At Mountain Leap, we take our business seriously. Thankfully, when your business is about making people enjoy themselves and forging relationships between colleagues and companies, or giving people the right stimuli to get their creative juices flowing, then taking it seriously actually makes it more enjoyable.

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Conference and Incentive Travel in the Alps - Taking it up a notch

When it comes to invigourating the senses of your employees or clients, we like to think we've found the perfect mix. Most kinds of incentives will have an impact on your people, and whenever minds are brought together for a conference, good ideas will grow. But we know from experience that few destinations in the world do this better than the Alps.

Alpine Conferences

Just the Alpine air and scenery is enough of a temptation for us, but the Alps also make great practical sense:

Practically on your doorstep - Geneva and Zurich (among others) provide some of the best airport connections in Europe

Excellent hotels - the towns, cities and ski resorts that surround the alps boast some of the best hotels in the world

Excellent value - more often than not, travel and accommodation works out cheaper than a UK conference hotel

Activities and entertainment - with the Alps at your disposal, scope is almost unlimited

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Incentive Ski Events and Ski Trips

What could drive your team to succeed more than the knowledge that, at the end of a year's hard work and commitment, there lies a "money can't buy" ski trip?

Accommodation - We work with hundreds of the best hotels and chalets in the Alps. From the smallest boutique hotels and luxury chalets, to the grand, traditional 5 stars, we know the staff personally and the properties intimately.

Skiing - This bit may go without saying, but choosing the best mountains for your delegates, and the best guides and instructors doesn't. This is where we come in.

Activities and Entertainment - There is nothing we cannot organise for you. Skidoos, helicopters, private hidden mountain lodges, snow golf, this could go on and on, but there's only so much room on this page.

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