How has the global recession of 2009 affected delegate experience of Corporate Ski Events? by Sarah Calhaem


Placing delegate experience at the centre of the corporate events industry, this paper investigates by method of discourse, how the global economic downturn of 2008 and 2009 has affected corporate incentive events, in particular the corporate ski event sector. The paper will relate key industry literary works, such as Masterman and Wood (2006), to how the corporate ski event offers the ideal medium by which to exploit the theory of relationship marketing and how this is inextricably linked to delegate experience. It will also equate this to Allen’s (2007) views on how an event’s return on investment is key to that event’s tangibility, and how this justification is crucial to the future success of the corporate events industry. The importance of delegate experience is examined through accounts and opinions of independent event managers and event delegates, exploring the extent to which the current economy is overshadowing the importance of the corporate ski event. The research found that there have been budget reductions across the whole events industry where more emphasis has been put on cost over quality. These cuts have had a direct effect on a delegate’s overall experience in that events have been cancelled or event managers have had to implement cutbacks to event quality in many areas. These findings will be related back to the events industry setting out some key recommendations for event management practice during periods of economic recession.


Table of contents

Table of figuresIntroduction [page]no.] 1

Literature review 4

Corporate events 5

Events economy 10

Delegate experience 11

Event tourism 19

Methodology 22

Ethnography 25

Epistemology 26

Reflexivity & Ethics – the role of the researcher 27

Empirical findings 29

Questionnaire results 30

Interview findings – the case studies 36

Key findings 46

Conclusion 49

Bibliography 53

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Journals, magazines and articles 55

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Online resources 56

Appendix A: email 59

Appendix B: Example questionnaire – delegate 60

Appendix C: Example questionnaire – industry 62

Appendix D: Online industry forum posts 65


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