Press Release: Companies hit the slopes in their motors!

Companies are going off-piste and thinking out of the box requesting more unusual ways to entertain guests and seek thrills in the Alps with corporate ski specialists Mountain Leap.


Mountain Leap has seen a significant rise in demand for adrenaline inducing activities while guests are residing in the Alps, with motorised sports being the order of the day. Steering clear of the traditional ski and snowboarding experiences offered by Mountain Leap, corporates are looking instead to motorised activities such as ski-dooing, snow biking and ice karting.


Ice karting a popular new sport involves specially designed buggies with studded tyres and extra thick bumpers speeding round specially made outdoor circuits. Ski-doos, also known as jet-skis on snow, reach hair-raising speeds and are a current favourite with corporates.


Adam Honey, CEO Mountain Leap, comments “The rise in demand for motorised mountain activities reveals companies are looking for more unique ways to reward clients and employees. Our clients are always looking to create memorable experiences for their guests and we are constantly looking for new exciting alpine activities, ensuring our offerings stay safe, current and reflect our clients’ demands.”


Mountain Leap is a corporate ski specialist and full service event management company with a dedicated team of event professionals devoted to providing seamless service from start to finish. Mountain Leap offer mountain based events; delivering incentive ski weekends and training courses in the Alps.