Winter Arrives Early


There is now plenty of snow about around 2000m and as the winter approaches in earnest many companies are starting to look at their plans to entertain clients after a difficult couple of years.

If you are considering a ski weekend or corporate ski event (incentive, management retreat, teambuilding exercice) here are some bits of good news for you.

1. For groups of less than 15, there are now an unprecedented number of chalet operators who will accept 3 and 4 night bookings for corporate groups.

2. There has been a building boom in the Alps of large spa and conference friendly hotels in the last few years. This means that apart from the high holiday season, there is still availability in the mid/mid-upper bracket. We can negotiate too which makes a nice change!

3. Global warming (if it exists) has not meant an increase in temperatures in the Alps. It has meant though that there have been increase weather perturbations and more precipitation than the average in the last 30 years. There has been only one bad year in the last decade. This season seems to be shaping up nicely for a good level of snow too.

4. Mountain Leap has supplemented its resources in premier ski resorts including Verbier, St Anton, Courchevel and Megeve. Chamonix is also still a popular destination, given its proximity to Geneva airport and wide variety of skiing and snowboarding.

5. Although ski weekends seem to be expensive relative to domestic entertaining options (at sporting or cultural events), they present the most effective way of spending valuable time with clients building rapport and relationship. In terms of the percieved value for money both hosting clients and guests continue to express high levels of satisfaction, fun and engagement during ski events. If you want a client to be given an incentive to put business your way, ski weekends are peerless opportunities to create and sustain the relationship.

6. The gap in demand created by financial clients who historically have selected the prime weekends during the winter has now left us with opportunities to suggest to other clients events that would have been unavailable just a couple of years ago.

In other words there are lots of good reasons to supplement your  marketing and sales efforts with entertaining clients or choosing a corporate ski event to motivate staff and executives.