Marketing Agency Partnerships

Experiential Marketing

It could be said that the vast majority of what we do at Mountain Leap is a form of experiential marketing. Our aim has always been to place our clients in situations where they have the opportunity to engage emotionally with the people they invite on their ski events in the Alps. Whether that be for the purposes of building loyalty and emotional attachments between the business and its clients or between the business and it employees, the interaction and sharing of the experiences breeds an emotional tie. It just so happens that we also believe there is no better place to do this than in the Alps.

The clean air, stunning scenery and scope for new experiences - from high adrenaline pursuits to serene, beautiful locations that inspire creative thought - this all combines to give you the perfect place to get creative and make an impression on an audience. By their very nature, the mountains have an impact on people. Sensory awareness is heightened across all 5 senses ensuring the both sides of your customers' and employees' brains (the right side being the bit that works on emotions and is central to experiential marketing) will be working overtime. This means that mountain-based experiential marketing can be very powerful for:

  • Promoting new ideas and concepts
  • Launch new products and brands
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Enhancing brand perceptions