Stay at home retreats

New for 2013

Many of our clients are unable to commit the time and resources to overseas retreats and workshops but wish to benefit from the accumulated learning that can be gained by attending residential retreats. So this year we are introducing a series of work books and e-courses that can be used individually or in series to promote performance and fullfillment in the workplace and life generally.

These workbooks can be downloaded in PDF form and distributed under license to individuals and groups within your organisation. Our current titles are:

  • Constructing motivated and resourceful teams
  • Mastering relationships - Part I (Executives)
  • Mastering relationships - Part II (Staff)
  • Mastering relationships - Part III (Peers)
  • Stepping up to Management and Leadership
  • Corporate integrity, authenticity and corporate social responsibility

...more to follow



The workbooks are downloadable and can be printed (however they cannot be copied). They are structured as 3 hours of practical learning tools with around 2 hours of practice and ancillary learning exercises. They come complete with reviews, opportunities for further learning and practice along with one hour of corporate coaching with a trained coach.

If further support is required, we offer a range of coaching interventions both at your offices or via telephone. We recommend that each participant commit to at least 3 hours of coaching above and beyond the coaching included with the work book although this in not mandatory.


Contact our training department for full details of workbooks, coaching and e-courses on 0845 460 0606