Ski Weekends in Lech & Zürs

Lech & Zürs are, together, Austria's most exclusive resorts. Part of the vast Arlberg ski area, shared with St Anton and St Christoph, the mix of gentle skiing and a great choice of extremely luxurious hotels - six 5-star hotels make up a large proportion of these small alpine villages - mean this area is the choice of many a royal figure from around Europe.

Lech finds itself tucked away in a small valley, split by a meandering river running through the village, with Zürs just 5kms away, further up the mountain, overlooking Switzerland.

Not a great deal has changed in these delightful, traditional villages since the early years of skiing when the wealthy Brits, Germans and Swiss came to learn the new sport whilst relaxing in beautiful surroundings. Not much except the time it takes to get there and the transport around the mountains, which renders it a much more convenient place to visit today for our clients.

The combination of relatively short transfer times, exclusive hotels and excellent skiing make these neighbouring resorts very popular corporate ski weekend destinations.