Why should you entertain clients? The importance of Corporate Entertainment

The Importance of Corporate Entertainment

A recent study quoted in The Times calculated that it costs between 4-6 times to sell to a new customer than it does to an existing one. So, a little investment in these people can go a long way to strengthening your bottom line.

We know why your corporate event is so important to your company:

At Mountain Leap we know from experience that the more motivated and inspired your clients are by working with you as a company, the more likely they are to remain loyal. This loyalty not only ensures that they will still be doing business with you this time next year, but promotes the effective delivery of your message to other companies, leveraging more business for your company without you having to lift a finger, never mind increase your marketing spend.

With this in mind, we can incorporate an impressive array of Alpine activities into any corporate ski or summer event. We select each one to suit you and your party's requirements.

Your corporate event will be targeted to suit your clients, reflect the values of your business, demonstrate your commitment to detail and provide the foundation for delivering the all-important return.

Whilst we take care of every detail, your executives are free to forge deeper relationships and better business prospects. We can develop events that incorporate additional activities for all levels of your party that will leave them refreshed for the next item in the agenda and their return to the office.