Why Mountain Leap?

In the world's best resorts. On both sides of the fence. In your shoes. We've been there.

At Mountain Leap, we love to work with companies who fully understand the importance of their staff. Between us, we have amassed some impressive business qualifications and a number of years in blue chip and finance organisations, this is why we understand your needs, and why we know how to get the most out of your employees.

We know that it takes a great deal of effort and resources to find the right people for your organisation. You provide the necessary training and support until they begin to fulfil their potential. These employees then become the lifeblood of your company.

At Mountain Leap Events, our aim is to help you retain your best employees for the long-term by developing strong emotional ties, not just between team members and individuals, but between each member of your staff & managment, and thus, the company itself.

Money can act as a motivator, but its effectiveness is finite. It takes something special to build a team and it takes special teams to build a great company.

By choosing Mountain Leap as your partner for developing your motivational and teambuilding events, you don't just get a perfectly delivered experience that your staff will never forget. With us, you get an events company that understands your reasons for holding the event and, with experience of delivering hundreds of similar events, we have a whole host of tricks for making your event exceptional and maximising the return to your company on your investment in us.

The most stimulating surroundings

The Alps offer an inspirational backdrop to any event. Motivating your staff and your teams in some of the world's most awe-inspiring scenery is just the beginning. The facilities and activities on offer in the resorts used by Mountain Leap allow us to tailor your event to suit and inspire any group of people.

Your employees' potential increased

By sharing life-enhancing experiences, your staff and their management will develop a type of bond that gives true benefits to their productivity.

Your profits improved

A family who plays together stays together. Its a familiar adage that we've all heard before. And it just so happens to be true for companies too. A company that develops a culture of sharing stimulating experiences encourages its employees to give their all. Whether your organisation has a flat business structure or needs to be a little more hierarchical, your employees will be more motivated if they feel they belong and their contribution counts. This leads to two obvious benefits: an upturn in productivity and an emotional tie to the firm. The resultant financial impact means your event doesn't really have to cost you a penny.